so it's my birtday
Written @ 9:58 PM Sunday, June 27, 2010

okay, if you're going to ask me what i did on my birthday, honestly there's nothing much to say 'coz i didn't quite enjoy that day even though i received a lot of sweet greetings from my friends and money from my mom and dad.*sighs* maybe it's because i just miss my granny so badly. She died 8 days before my birthday and that was last year so meaning, this is my first time celebrating such an occasion without her.  no amount of words could explain how i miss everything about her. her smile,her warm love to her granddaughters and most especially her voice that i would never forget no matter what. anyway, moving on, i guess i'm just kinda speechless right now. lols i ran out of words~

i made this one, i think the day after my birthday:3 haha. . . GAWWD~  becauseof my funny imagination, i've come up with this picture of min hyuk greeting me a happy birthday^^  lol. . . well, i dunno how's this possible. gosh~ i'm day dreaming again! as if he really knows my bday :/ anyway, i'm still glad 'coz min hyuk, yong hwa and i have the same birthday month^^ hihi

PS: thanks for all the greetings from ny friends! u know who u are^^ love lots!~

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