Written @ 9:44 PM Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello readers!~ how have you been??
Me? Hmm.. I’m doin’ fine.  kkk~
Okay, for the sake of posting, as you can see, there are photos of cake shown below. And you know what? I was the one who baked that! *brags* yeah!~ I’m so proud to myself  that I’ve come up with something like this  even though I’m the least talented student in our entire school!~ lol . Does it look yummy guys?  Hihi~ this one is called “Pineapple Carrot Cake”. yeah, I know that the idea of combining a vegetable and a sour fruit as an ingredients for a cake is totally odd. So if you’re going to ask me if these two ingredients complimented to the taste, my answer is “yes! It does~ (^^,)/” actually, when our instructor announced that we’re going to bake this cake, I was like “huh?? Pineapple and carrot in a cake??” lol. I even thought that it would taste bad. So there, after several minutes of preparing this cake, finally, we are now on the tasting part. “the moment of truth!” as they say. And the verdict, it’s very tasty of course :)) haha :p This was the funny part; while I’m eating I started to make illusions. I was imagining that min hyuk oppa was there, waiting for the cake that I’m going to give him. haha!~ then I put a slice of it in a saucer and then he asked me if I could feed him! LOL my imagination is getting weirder!~ LOL, anyway, day dreaming is really a cool thing:3 But I know, that’s impossible~ how I wish I could give some of it to him so he would know how delicious it was and also in that way, I can make him happy. Huwwaaah!~ MIN HYUK~ don’t cry anymore! Araseo?? 

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