nae sarang~
Written @ 6:52 PM Monday, June 28, 2010


so it's my birtday
Written @ 9:58 PM Sunday, June 27, 2010

okay, if you're going to ask me what i did on my birthday, honestly there's nothing much to say 'coz i didn't quite enjoy that day even though i received a lot of sweet greetings from my friends and money from my mom and dad.*sighs* maybe it's because i just miss my granny so badly. She died 8 days before my birthday and that was last year so meaning, this is my first time celebrating such an occasion without her.  no amount of words could explain how i miss everything about her. her smile,her warm love to her granddaughters and most especially her voice that i would never forget no matter what. anyway, moving on, i guess i'm just kinda speechless right now. lols i ran out of words~

i made this one, i think the day after my birthday:3 haha. . . GAWWD~  becauseof my funny imagination, i've come up with this picture of min hyuk greeting me a happy birthday^^  lol. . . well, i dunno how's this possible. gosh~ i'm day dreaming again! as if he really knows my bday :/ anyway, i'm still glad 'coz min hyuk, yong hwa and i have the same birthday month^^ hihi

PS: thanks for all the greetings from ny friends! u know who u are^^ love lots!~

new creation^^
Written @ 8:20 PM


 see what boredom did to me?

Written @ 12:48 PM Wednesday, June 23, 2010

“June 22nd-(1989-06-22) this is the date when the Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper and Guitarist of this famous kpop band named “CN BLUE” was born. It’s a day that is just too special to be overlook by all the BOiCE fans out there that are now surely celebrating its arrival! And of course I’m ONE of them! Haha. Actually, this is my first time celebrating Yong hwa’s birthday as a fan.  And the feeling, hmm. . . I’m definitely happy for him but I’m a bit sad at the same time. The reason? *sighs* it’s because they haven’t visited the Philippines yet. T^T They already went to Taiwan and Japan but until now here I am like an itchy worm that’s still waiting for that day to come. Huwaaah! I’m beginning to lose hope about it!  No amount of words could explain how I’m yearning to see them in personal! CN Blue is my favorite kpop band so you can’t blame if I’m acting like desperate! LOL Well, if you’re a “pinoy” kpop fan you could at least understand what I meant. Haha.  Anyway, another thing that makes me feel sad, hmm.. I think “sad” isn’t the right word for it.  It’s “FRUSTRATING” to death! I can’t even buy their newest album which is the “BLUE LOVE” ‘coz there’s no available copy of it here in phil. D*MN! So I have no choice but to download all the tracks from YouTube. . . just like what I did before. Haha. . . . truthfully, it’s sickening! You know, waiting for the song to finish downloading. See my IMPATIENCE? ROFL :p but I’m proud to say that I have the complete lists of their songs from their very first album which was released in Japan. Haha. ADDICTED? Yeah!!!! I’m loving the song titled “” now. It was sung by jong hyun^^
Moving on, I just hope that Yong hwa will get himself into the best condition ‘coz I’ve read in some news that he has cord polyps and surgery is the only way to cure it. Huwaaah.. I’m so worried about him. Poor yong hwa :c get well!
YONG HWA!!!!!!! JUNGSHIN!!!!!!! JONG HYUN!!!!!!!! And most especially. . . the best drummer in korea. . . MIN HYUK!!!!  *shouts*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *coughs* kkk~

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Written @ 9:10 PM Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woooot! This video message of Geun-suk hyung to all the pinoy HB fans left a chill and glee in my heart. LOL even though the message was just quite short, I feel glad ‘coz he had time to greet his fans. Whoa! Is this a sign that he would soon visit the Philippines just like what the other korean actors did? (like lee dong wook of My Girl) huwwaaah!~ if that happens, I won’t second doubt to drag myself in  Manila just to see him face to face~ LMAO

BTW,  super thanks to unnie JHILY (hope she’s reading this) for if it wasn’t because of her, I wouldn’t know that there’s an existing video like this.   ^w^

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