GMA's pinoy version of YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL :(
Written @ 6:15 PM Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well, when I saw this new dramarama of the GMA 7 entitled “ADAM or EVE”, at first the story didn’t sink in my mind because I’ve never been so interested to any of GMA’s television shows, so as usual I just managed myself to ignore it. The next day while I’m watching tv, for the second time, I saw this dramarama again. Then suddenly, it caught my attention. And with my mouth flapping open, I continued to stare at the tv blankly as the words one by one clicked into place in my head like a jigsaw puzzle and I was like, “Oh God! Don’t tell me.. Are they trying to imitate “You’re Beautiful”???! For a second, I wanted so badly to hit the television with a pillow because of what I just realized. LOL XD. But I just can’t coz mom might think that I’m getting crazy!!! Hahaha^^ So there, I think my head was about to burst with annoyance that time so I went to my room before I could do something unusual about it. ^0^ Yeah…. Filipinos are known for being great imitators and I already accepted that truth but I’m not proud about it okay?? I’m just super sick and tired of seeing these Pinoy Versions of Korean Dramas. Aren’t they satisfied for all the imitations that they have done… and now they wanna add more?? Oh geez!
Actually, the “DIVA”, which is currently aired in GMA 7. If I’m not mistaken, I guess they just got the story of that drama from the Korean movie entitled “200 Pounds Beauty”. It’s really obvious naman so you can google it if you want^^. *sighs* I’m the one who feels embarrass for what they’re doing..!~ Oh God, I can’t just sit here and tolerate that funny pinoy version of YB (You’re Beautiful) LOL. As if I could do something!~ haha xD Moreover, I’m pretty sure that the YB fans will be mad too or worse they will form a group and do something like “WELGA”!~ hahaha! oh no!~ and what??! ROCHELLE PANGILINAN of sexbomb will do the role of Go Mi-nam??? WTF!~ hallerrr??! Are they even thinking? Yeah I admit that I don’t have that pale complexion.. pero sana naman they should have chosen an actress that has a fair skin unlike Rochelle which is a morena. BTW, I haven’t seen the one who will portray the role of Tae-Kyung but I’m not looking forward to it^^ aww~ haha^^ Oh, do you know what was the funny part about this dramarama?? “You’re Beautiful” is not yet aired in ABS-CBN right?? How come this so-called ADAM or EVE is now being televised in GMA 7? Oh God! Anu yun?? Nauna pa yung IMITATION sa ORIGINAL?? Haiii naku.. they’re making me laugh… I just don’t want to think about it anymore coz it’s pretty freakin’ irritating! So if you think I was being rude to them, please accept my apology. But you can’t blame me if I reacted stupidly like this… I’m a huge fan of the A.N.JELL you know..So things like “imitating” or whatsoever is really a big NO NO NO to me. 0.o

 If you guys have comments, feel free to post them on my blog^^ . Gumowoyo! :3


 Hope you’re reading this… in behalf of the GMA 7, I want to make an apology for what they did. This wasn’t the first time that they imitate kdramas. And I’m pretty sure that this won’t be the last time either. They will do the same thing over and over until nothing is left for them to imitate, so please get used to them… LOL! WHAT AM I SAYING??


SUPER JUNIOR: ayaw sa maingay??
Written @ 12:54 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Bawal sumigaw, mag-ingay, kumuha ng picture at video, bawal banggitin ng mali ang pangalan at kung anik-anik pang bawal ang kasama sa rules ng presscon ng Korean boyband na Super Junior.

Super-duper higpit ang ginanap na presscon para sa nasabing boy band na dumating ng bansa at nagkaroon ng concert sa Araneta Coliseum the other night.
Imagine mula sa main door ng isang five star hotel, super higpit ang security hanggang sa makarating ka sa function room ng event.Pati ang question sa presscon, approved ng entourage ng Super Junior as in nag-ready sila ng 20 questions na inassign sa mga invited press. At kung magtatanong ka, tuturuan ka ng isang re presentative ng organizer kung paano nila babanggitin ng tama ang mga pangalan ng maraming miyembro ng grupo dahil pag nagkamali ang nag tanong, mao-offend daw ang grupo particular na ang kanilang Korean manager na marami raw ‘binaril’ na activities ng grupo matapos dumugin ang mga ito sa airport nang dumating ng bansa last Friday night.Nakaka-shock na ganun sila kasikat sa ating bansa na iisang kanta lang ang may recall. Kahit daw ang concert nila sa Araneta, sold out kahit pagkamahal-mahal ng ticket – P7 thousand at P3 thousand ang pinaka-cheap.

Wait, ito ang sample ng instruction sa presscon:

“Please control your emotions, we can’t have people inside shouting the group’s name or a certain member’s name. Please cooperate with us on this one if not, security will escort you outside the press hall.
“No one is supposed to get near Super Junior. Just enjoy the press conference by watching quietly.
“There will be no picture taking/authograph signing with the boys as the need to be in Araneta as soon as possible after the press conference.”

Emphasized din na pag nag-create ka ng com motion, bitbitin ka palabas at hindi ka na uli papayagang makabalik sa press conference na tatagal lang daw ng 30 minutes.
Isa pang nakaka-aliw na kuwento sa grupo, copy righted pala ang kanilang mga pangalan – ang 13 member boy at maging kanilang mga pirma.So meaning pag may ipinanganak na ipa pangalan sa kanila, hindi puwede?Super higpit din daw sa mga nag-attend sa nasabing presscon. Ang Universal Records na distributor sa bansa ng kanilang album, dalawang representative lang daw ang pinayagan.Anyway, ang grupo ay binubuo ng mga Korean TV and movie stars, merong host, comedian and DJ.Year 2005 nang magsimula ang grupo and since then, nagsunod-sunod ang kanilang success. Pero March 2009 nang sumikat sila outside Korea dahil sa kantang Sorry, SorryAng MYX Channel ang official music channel ng pagdating sa bansa ng Super Junior kaya sila lang ang pinayagang mag-interview sa kanila.

**Before you react negatively or positively about this, I just want to make clear that I didn’t post this article just to give a shit to super junior or whatsoever. I’m a die-hard fan of this k-pop band and I don’t have any immediate plans to change that status okay? HAHA! Actually, I just saw this article yesterday and I think the writer has some point too. I don’t get it why the SM entertainment is being so strict to the point that no one is allowed to make a noise or even have a picture taking/autograph signing with the boys during the presscon. I just don’t like how they handle their talents coz they’re exaggerating things. And I’m super duper worried to all the suju members coz if the SM Entertainment keeps on doing things like that, it won’t be possible that the suju members will be sick and tired of it and they might end up leaving their career. OH no! that’s a nightmare! And btw, I don’t AGREE with the title of this article. “SUPER JUNIOR AYAW SA MAINGAY” dduh??!! What the hell is she/he writing? If the suju doesn’t like noise it only means that they hate their fans too right? Do you see the point guys? BUT OF COURSE THAT’S NOT DEFINITELY TRUE! So it should be “SM ENTERTAINMENT AYAW SA MAINGAY”. LOL! Anyaway, let’s just pray for our idols=.= seriously.. SM needs to take care of their artists better. *sighs*Why can’t they be like the other companies? T^T 

here is the URL of this article… check it if u want…

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Written @ 8:40 PM Sunday, April 11, 2010


Korean pop group Super Junior is scheduled to hold its first full-length concert, Super Show 2, at the Araneta Coliseum at 7 p.m. tonight, April 10. The all-male performers, better known as SuJu to avid fans, is the first ever K-pop band to hold a major concert at one of the biggest entertainment venues in the Philippines.

In a press conference held earlier today at Edsa Shangri-la in Ortigas, members of Super Junior expressed their excitement for the concert. 

"We've heard that we're gonna be having our concert in a big dome, so we're very much excited for it," said group leader Leeteuk in Korean. "The whole show is filled with eye-catching surprises.

"There will be a very special performance wherein we dress up as girls," he further revealed, explaining that they would be mimicking f(x), their sister group from South Korea's SM Entertainment. "So please watch out for that surprise," he added.

K-HITS IN LOCAL CHARTS. SuJu has visited a total of nine cities for Super Show 2,including Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing and Bangkok, with the Philippines as the last leg of their Asian tour. Their song "Sorry Sorry" from their album of the same title catapulted the group to stardom in this country. They are currently the first male singing  group from South Korea to hit the local charts.

"We're very excited to be here in the Philippines," continued Leeteuk. "We've always wanted to come here."

Member Sungmin added, "The reason why we've always wanted to come to the Philippines is because there were a lot of fans who came to visit us in Korea to see our radio shows and our musicals... to show their support. There are a lot of fans here in the Philippines that's why we wanted to come."

Leeteuk later sang a short song for the Filipino fans, saying it reminds him of the Philippines. "It's something that you cannot see on TV. So it's very special for you guys."

KOREANOVELA TIE-UP? One member of SuJu openly expressed his interest to do a television drama in the country.

"I'm very shocked to realize that I'm the most popular member here," said Lee Donghae, after members of the press told the 23-year-old of his popularity among Filipino K-pop fans.

He was happy to know that his popularity also meant gaining more attention for SuJu as a group. He later wished that he could make a local soap opera in the future, a statement that endeared him to the press.

GETTING TO KNOW THE MEMBERS. Originally a 13-member group, Super Junior is set to stage their Super Show 2 concert at the Araneta Coliseum with only ten members. One member, Hankyung, recently had his contract terminated by SM Entertainment and another, Kangin, currently has to deal with legal matters outside of Super Junior. Member Kim Kibum is also absent due to solo activities and prior engagements.

Fans, however, can expect leader Leeteuk, Filipino favorite Lee Donghae, Korea's TV heartthrob Choi Siwon (who currently stars in Oh, My Lady!, a Korean television series), actor and stage performer Kim Heechul, actors and hosts Yesung, Shindong and Sungmin, host Eunhyuk, actor Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun to all appear at the concert. 

"Thank you so much for all your support and warm welcome," thanked Donghae. "It's our first time, however we hope to enjoy the whole time in our show."

Leeteuk added, "It's our first visit in the Philippines, but thank you so much for your love and your attention. And we're very happy to hold our last leg in the Philippines. So please give us your continued support and love for our upcoming music, and we'll try to show you the best of Super Junior." 

Super Junior's fourth album is currently underway. All of Super Junior also expressed their wish to come back to the Philippines for Super Show 3, their third Asia tour.


KPOP sensation SUPER JUNIOR wows pinoy and korean fans :3
Written @ 8:11 PM

Korean boy band Super Junior dished out their brand of pop music combined with world-class production in front of their screaming Filipino and Korean fans last night, April 10, at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City.

The Manila engagement was part of Super Junior's Asia tour dubbed 
Super Show 2, in support of the group's third studio album. Prior to the Philippines, Super Junior's itinerary included South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia. Manila was the last stop in the tour—which kicked off on July 17, 2009 in Seoul, South Korea—making the Big Dome concert the culminating event.

The three-hour concert provided Leeteuk, Lee Donghae, Choi Siwon, Kim Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun more than enough time to deliver most of their songs plus special video presentations, which were a curious hodgepodge of straight-out boy band posturings and cartoon-ish themes.

As previously reported by PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the originally 13-member group was reduced to 10 as the three other members attend to personal and professional matters.

Some of the songs performed by SuJu were "It's You," "She Wants it," "Miracle," "Disco Drive," "Dancing Out," "Baby Baby," "Soul," "Beautiful," "Heartquake," "Honey," "Blue Tomorrow," "Who Am I," "Our Love," "Gee," "Sunny," "Super Girl," "Carnival," "Sapphire Blue," and the hit single "Sorry, Sorry."
LOUD AND WILD. Super Junior brought their state-of-the-art concert gear and equipment to complement the music and to enhance the overall production numbers. The group is well-known for incorporating colorful animation into their live set to play up to the sensibilities of their young fans.

The massive stage resembled the type commonly seen in big rock 'n' roll concerts abroad. It was clearly designed to accommodate the group's large number and its style of performing. But more importantly, it allowed all ten members to be seen by their fans at close range.

Since their arrival in Manila last Friday, April 9, the boys of SuJu have been swarmed by eager fans all hoping to meet them up close. At their press conference held yesterday at Edsa Shangri-La in Ortigas, it was reported that the number of attendees exceeded the capacity allowed by the hotel's function room—something that can also be attributed to the organizers' failure to properly account for their invited guests.

Last night was loud and wild as fans tirelessly screamed, yelled and sang along with the group from start to finish. Fans also threw stuffed toys onstage to show their love and admiration for the K-Pop sensations. Super Junior reciprocated the warm reception by shooting water at the audience at random using their plastic water guns.

"We love the Philippines!" Super Junior said to their Filipino and Korean fans as they ended the evening with "Marry U." 


Written @ 5:29 PM Sunday, April 4, 2010

POSTED ON 04/04/10   04:15 PM

           Before anything else, I would like to make an apology to ATE RUTHIE for using this photo without asking her permission at all.. : ( Bad me~ . But I’m really really sorry. Actually I bought my digi cam to shot some pictures of U-KISS @ the SM Clark. Then the next day, after I copied all the pics from the digi cam to the usb, I immediately deleted the photos stored in it. But when I was a bout to upload the pics in Facebook, my sister told me that all the U-KISS pictures got deleted for some sort of reasons. I almost cried after hearing that u know. . . :[ *sighs* I just can’t think about it anymore. It’s really annoying! hahaXD Anyway, I’m already used to it na coz that wasn’t the first time that I was put in that kind of situation. Last March 23, we had a hotel familiarization in Subic Bay. . . Then all the 300+ pictures stored in the digi cam got deleted also coz the memory card got infected with a virus! Ho ho ho~ “suwerte ko no??” WAAAHH! I hate computer viruses toff death! Arrggh!  

At first, I don’t have any idea that U-KISS will be having a mall tour @ the SM Clark. My best friend just told me about it. And honestly, I wasn’t really a big fan of U-KISS and I thought this boy band is not that popular so I wasn’t excited to see them.
            So there. We went early to find a good place near the stage. While we’re waiting for their arrival, I could feel to myself that I’m starting to lose patience. My legs are starting to give in narin ‘coz we’ve been standing there for about 2 hours without eating anything at all. So I was like “Oh God. Why I’m waiting for this boy band. I wanna go home!” hahaXD Then after the long wait, all the fans started to scream when they saw that the U-KISS are arriving! You know what was my first reaction?? I WAS SPEECHLESS!!!  As in! How can they be so cute and handsome. . . I only see them in pictures and now they’re standing in front of us!~  Whoa! Haha! And I guess, they are cuter in personal specially ALEXANDER! As they perform “Man Man Ha ni” all the fans are shouting their names, of course I’m one of them! ^0^ haha. . . and I think some of the fans were crying too. . .:[ (is that what you call tears of joy??) I tried my best to come up with a good video of them but the fans at my back keeps pushing me, so sadly, I don’t have high-quality videos :’( Moving on, I was impressed to Alexander and Kevin ‘coz of their fluency to English. *nosebleed!~* BTW, Alexander can speak 7 different languages!~ (Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese), Korean and English) AWESOME right??! Haha! And yeah, I really like it when Kevin says “Mahal Kita” in a very cute voice. . . There was a time there that after they performed “Man Man Ha ni”, the two members (Eli and Soo hyun- if I’m not mistaken) went to the restroom. You know what the other fans did?? They went running and followed them at the CR and they even waited for them to come out! Funny isn’t it?? But they’re not obsessed promise! ^____^ Too bad I didn’t buy a copy of their album ‘coz I’m in doubt about it. But now I’m regretting!~ huhuhu : ( *brainless pig ne??* How I wish I was one of those lucky girls who had the chance to hand shake and even hug all the members! Errr~  so that’s it! I think their mall tour lasted for about 2 hours so waiting for 4 hours is really worth something too:3 

Just wana share this not-so-extraordinary experience:3

        During their autograph signing, all the fans are getting wild! And since my position isn’t quite close from the stage, I gave up on the decision to drag myself at the second floor so I could see them properly. Then the funny part was, out of the blue, Alexander threw his smile in my direction so I immediately waved to him!!!. Then he waved back at me with his heart-melting smile^^. Gaaah… I think my heart is about to explode that time. And now here I am like an idiot who can’t help to laugh at myself when I think of that mind-blowing experience! *sighs* all I can say is, for me, Alexander has the most charming eyes among the members!

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