Jung Yonghwa might require surgery for vocal cord polyps
Written @ 5:39 PM Thursday, May 27, 2010

Having been hospitalized yesterday for his vocal cord polyps and fatigue, it was revealed that CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa might require surgery to resolve his condition.According to a FNC representative on the 25th, Jung Yonghwa was diagnosed to have developed vocal cord polyps and acute laryngitis yesterday upon admittance for treatment. Although he can cure his acute laryngitis with medication, he would have to undergo surgery for his vocal cord polyps condition to restore his normal voice. But it was noted that nothing has been decided yet, and a decision would be taken after more scans and futher observation.With no confirmed discharge date, CNBlue’s schedule for the week are likely to be canceled and future schedules would depend on Yonghwa’s recovery.CNBlue had only just returned with their new album, Blue Love last week and had completed successful back-to-back comeback performances

U-KISS Major Concert in Manila
Written @ 10:37 AM Monday, May 17, 2010

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After the 3-day successful promotional tour of U-Kiss held in SM Malls last March 26-28. They were all coming back to have their 1st Live Concert in Manila, Philippines on May 29, 2010 at the Big Dome (Araneta Coliseum). It was said the PEP (Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. ) was the one who organized and make the promotional tour and concert possible.
VIP & Patron-6500
Upper Box A- 4000
Upper box B- 3000
Gen. Admission- 1000

SVIP - 328 tickets
Lower Box B - 357 tickets
Lower Box A - 1348 tickets
Upper Box - 2568 tickets
General Admission - 2278 tickets


SOOHYUN---> trying to be cute~!
Written @ 11:31 AM Saturday, May 15, 2010

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SOO HYUN: see my cuteness??? muwaahh~!
KI BUM: what' wrong with this kid? weirdo~
KEVIN: baby talk talk talk to me~ 


CHEON DOONG!~ ♥♥♥ love DARA's lil' bro :3
Written @ 12:44 PM Friday, May 14, 2010


U-KISS's 1st Concert Teaser
Written @ 11:34 AM Thursday, May 13, 2010


OMG!~ this video cracked me up~! As in “ROLLS ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING”^^ what happened to these crazy kids?? LOL I never thought that they would be so hyper like that^^ haha ALEXANDER and SOO HYUN’s reaction is making me laugh out loud! And it seems like they are more excited to go back in Philippines than their PINOY KISS ME fans^^ wohooo~!  I bet all the PINOY KISSME feels special because of this video:3 anyways,  i feel bad because I can’t watch their first concert T^T I wish I could go there. .  poor me. . . gaaaah.. moving on, I’m still wondering why Alexander is wearing an “Egyptian hat?” hmmm.. well I don’t know its specific name^^ haha but I really love his looks there:3  so kawaii~  UKISS FIGHTING~!!!!


SUJU's 4jib MV Teaser was RELEASED!
Written @ 5:47 PM Friday, May 7, 2010

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Waaahhh!~ they are sooo COOL here!~ You guys are freakin amazing as usual. <3 haha! ELF forever ^^ SUJU FIGHTING~! :3

The 10 members of Super Junior have returned as handsome men. Super Junior released their Teaser on the 7th of May. Super Junior is planning to have their song ‘Miinah’ as their title song for their 4th album. Currently in Super Junior, there is Hangeng in conflict with the Lawsuit, Kangin planning to go to the army and Kibum who is pursuing his acting career, which means that 10 people will do the album promotions. In this teaser, Super Junior shows a lot of their masculine charm. In the dark background, Super Junior appears showing each persons charm by shaking a women’s heart. Fans who saw it said: “4Jib is daebak!” , “Their live performances make me curious”, “I want to see them soon”, “It’s definitely Super Junior” and many other reactions.  On the other hand, Super Junior’s new album will be sold from the 13th of May. Super Junior will release “Miinah” on the 10th at 10am.  Their first live stage will be on the 14th of May on Music Bank.:3

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GD ♥s GA-HO:3
Written @ 5:46 PM Wednesday, May 5, 2010

yeah, this cute shar-pei dog is GD's pet:3 waaah.. i envy this tiny creature^^ LOL 

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Written @ 3:01 PM Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Oh man! I love how GD’s hair is styled here.. and he’s really an outstanding performer:3 kekeke~ actually, before, I wasn’t really a huge fan of g dragon even though he’s quite famous in Korea especially this kpop band called “Big Bang” where he currently stands as the leader. . .So there, I dunno his age, his birthday, how his career in singing & dancing started and anything about his life. Plus would you believe that I don’t even know how his face looks like at all that time…as in ZERO idea! LOL GoSh! I feel pity for myself :( So to make it short, I only know how to spell and pronounce his name, I mean, STAGE NAME:3 I even thought that “G dragon” is his real name but it was Kwon Ji-Yong. haha!~ finally! I made a research about him the other day. *claps*  So here’s a short rewind how GD entered my dull life:3 

It was Saturday. My mom was watching “Eat Bulaga” that time and I was busy  surfin’ the internet. Then I happened to see these guys dancing “sorry sorry” and other songs which are unfamiliar to me. After seeing their performance, my first instinct was to make fun of them. LOL . . . PLEASE forgive me for being rude ^^ I just couldn’t think of millions of reasons why they are so patient to wear such thick clothes despite the very hot weather. And one more thing, I was a bit annoyed with the one member ‘coz his hair is same as hyun joong’s hairstyle (better known for his name “ji hoo” in BOYS OVER FLOWERS) ya still remember when he cut his hair off when he came back to Korea with Jandi from Macau?? *sighs* anyway, I almost forgot, this boy band that I’m referring is called “XLR8”. Then after a while, I received a text from one of my friend. It’s a group message saying that these guys were imitating Super Junior because the base music of their new single sounds like “sorry sorry” plus they also copied some of the dance moves of GD in “heartbreaker”. So my first reaction was like “HUH??! + RAISING EYEBROWS” and that was the time that I got curious with them so I immediately went to youtube.com to search for the music video of their new single titled “YOU’RE SO HOT” and to see if they’re good:3  When I first heard the intro, GOD!~ it sounded like “sorry sorry”!. Well, at least they’re trying hard to amaze the Filipinos. And yeah, they have the looks and they can dance well, but I’m a bit disappointed to them. They should at least used other beat instead of imitating suju. One more thing, while I was watching, I dunno if they are dancing inside a spaceship or something. Huwaaah.. I’m really trying hard not to be rude with them but I just can’t help it. Anyway, back to the main topic. I didn’t finish watching their low quality MV ‘coz I got bored so I click the search box and typed “heartbreaker” to know if they really copied GD’s dance steps.  OMG!~ while I was waiting for the video to load, I felt goose bumps on my neck after seeing the 9 million+  views of  the video. And you know what was my first reaction when the MV started? Omo~ I was like “IS THIS G DRAGON?????”  whoa!~ he’s so awesome and cool! Haha!~ yeah, I was really stunned!:3 GosH! My experienced of watching it several times was a blast! BTW, I dunno if I’m just being dumb or what, but I think GD looked like Hong ki (ft island’s vocalist) in some ways.. hmmm.. maybe because they’ both have blonde hair. .  moreover,  I saw some comments on the site saying that GD is the male version of Lady Gaga . . well, no comment about that:3 uhm, back to the imitating thingy~ based on my observation, i guess the XLR8 didn't copy any of GD's moves:) i mean, GOD how can they imitate those super duper hard choreography of GD's heartbreaker:3 haha! WHATEVS~!  gaaah. . .I'M A HARDCORE FAN OF GD now~ whew! KUDOS for the job well done oppa!~ 

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don't wanna WAKE UP anymore!
Written @ 8:32 PM Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ever since before, I’ve always been dreaming of having an opportunity to meet all my most-wanted Korean actors/actresses and most especially my favorite KPOP bands.  Gaaah!! If I could only connect the entire Philippines to Korea so at least I could get there whenever I want without riding a plane. LOL. Yeah I’m crazy! But then, I don’t see how’s that possible. hahaXD Anyways, do you believe in the saying that for you to see someone in your dreams, you just have to think of that person constantly until you fell asleep?? Hmm.. Well, whatever your answer may be, I don’t think that “bed-time ritual” is effective to me. I mean, I tried to do it like a hundred times already but still it’s not working. :( And in fairness, instead I dream of them, I’ve had nightmares!~ LOL (kaloka!)  So thereafter, I decided to stop tormenting myself ‘coz I really look stupid so I went back to my old sleeping habits. Whew! Then after a week (I think) I started dreaming of my Korean idols!~  0.o aigoo~ I dunno how it happened and I was really freaking out whenever I wake up in the morning. Haha! I know this may sound like some big joke to you , but actually, I made a list of their names. Haha..please get used to my craziness!~ ^0^ well, first was Eun hye & Gong yoo(from the kdrama COFFEE PRINCE) then Goo hye sun, Min ho, Kim Bum and Hyun Joong (BOYS OVER FLOWERS) followed by Nichkhun of 2PM and Donghae of Super Junior(dunno why the other members weren’t included:( tsk. ) and then recently, for the second time around, I’ve dreamt of Hyun joong and Goo hye sun again. It’s kinda weird but really funny though. My not-so-extraordinary dream started off like I was with them inside a vehicle. I wasn't sure if it’s a car or a van. But I’m certain that Hyun joong was the one who drives it. As I remembered, goo hye sun was wearing the same style of clothes that she wears in BOYS OVER FLOWERS. But I couldn’t remember what we were discussing about. *sighs* so forgetful :( anyway, this was the part that cracked me up! I dunno what went wrong with my stupid brain and I asked Hyun joong in tagalong language! >.<  Which I knew he wouldn’t understand at all. LOL  I asked him this: “Ji hoo, tuloy ba yung concert niyo sa July” haha. . then before he answered a grin spread slowly across his tame face. Huwaaaahh!~ *faints* and then surprisingly, he answered me back in tagalog also! Omo~! He said ”Oo. Pupunta ka?” niyaha!~ then unluckily, my dream faded in an instant by the annoying sound of the alarm clock! d*mn! but even though my dream was just quite short, I still can’t help to laugh at myself when I think of jihoo’s answer to me in tagalog. LOL. My dream was so damn cool!~ But too bad I wasn’t able to answer him back.:( tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, How I wish it was real :(((( And yeah, it made me remember Charleen’s funny dream too and it’s about the Super Junior. She said that in her dream, all the suju members were on the public market . .~ 0.o probably selling some vegetables, meats or whatsoever. LOL! Imagining them wearing cute aprons makes me wanna laugh!~ cutiie super junior vendors:))) *kidding* she did tell me also that they spoke in tagalog language especially Yesung who is very fluent according to her!~ haha. . our dreams are indeed weird but really funny!~ *still waiting for kevin’s turn!* I hope he would visit me too in my dreams :] wish me luck!

UKISS Talk battle - Alexander's cute story :]
Written @ 9:51 PM Saturday, May 1, 2010

OMG LOL this story cracked me up! *rolls on the floor laughing*  “AH!! WHATEVER! I’LL JUST DIE!! ~this is so funny!!! and also, her mom's reaction is making me laugh. !~ hahaha poor Alexander:[ but he’s still adorable!  


:: ooohh LaLah!
Written @ 12:06 PM


i'm STUCK with it! :3
Written @ 11:29 AM

Aigoo~!I got soooooo hooked with this korean song and it’s titled FINALLY which was sung by the two members (Alexander && Kevin ) of my most-wanted kpop band, no other than, the UKISS! *claps* Actually, at first I really don’t have any idea about this song at all. It just happened that my unnie (older sister) played it while she’s using the computer.  *LOL* thanks to her ‘coz at least I got a new stuff that will keep me busy again and will surely kill the boredom lingering in me. wahah!~   And honestly, I didn’t know that the U-KISS was the one who performed it in the first place! YEAH! Coz I’m such a loser! gaaahh!!!!~ I realized that I’m so stupid not to recognize Kevin’s angelic voice! tsk tsk tsk. . . mianhe Kevin~ T_T So there. While I was listening to it, it caught my attention little by little.  Then after hearing the song, ya know what I did??  I childishly drive unnie away from to computer to search for its lyrics! Good thing there was also an English translation so I was able to understand the song ~ waaah..~ the message of the song is so sad~  it makes me wanna cry! T^T  OMO~ The lyrics are great and Kevin’s voice makes it more perfect  : )) BTW, you won’t believe that I have replayed this song like a million times already!~ LOL "..yeah!~ i'm freakin crazy! Haha! Anyway, another great piece of work made by brave brothers! *claps*. .uhm.. BTW, the pictures shown above were taken from the official mv of this song:3 it was a nice video but it could have been better if the UKISS members were the one who did the mv. .   

Oh Yeah ~ I miss you my girl
Oh No Yeah~

FINALLY meol-reo ji ji man da si boot-jap-eul soo eob neun nae mam-eul a-ni
Mi an hae nun mool-ri heul-reo sarang hae-sseo neo-eui poom-eh seo

FINALLY na-reul ji weo beo ryeo
FINALLY jam si him-deul geh ji man
FINALLY mo-du neo reul wihae seo
Ni ggoom-eh jeo-jeo beo rin gi-eok hae jeul-rae

Sarang han jeok-ee eob da go mam-eh eob neun mal-eul boot-yeo no-go
Dwi deul ah ga neun gil eh man-ee do nan ool-reo-sseo a-peum-ee mil-ryeo wa
Oh-neul bam jam-eul ee reul soo ga eob-seo seul puh han keu dae eol-gool ee ddeo ol-ra
Neo do man-ee him-deul geh ji man eo jjeol soo eob neun nal ee hae hae

FINALLY meol-eo ji ji man da shi boot-jap-eul soo eob neun nae mam-eul a-ni
Mi an hae nun mool-ri heul-reo sarang hae-sseo neo-eui poom-eh seo

FINALLY na-reul ji weo beo ryeo
FINALLY jam si him deul geh ji man
FINALLY mo-du neo reul wi hae seo
Ni ggoom eh jeo-jeo beo rin gi eok hae jeul rae

He-eo jyeo-sseo (woo ri eui sarang ee)
Jo gak-ee na-sseo gal-gi gal-gi
Jji-jeo jeo beo ryeo gaseum ee jeo ryeo
Nae jang-ee deung-eul dol-ra go seo neo reul beo-ryeot ji
Nan neo-mu mot-dwi-sseo nae ga jal mot-hae-sseo (Ah ~)
Pi do nun mool do eob neun nal yong seo hae
Dduh na gan neo reul gi eok hae nan
Hol-roh ae sseo woo-seo bwa she's gone

FINALLY meol-eo ji ji man da shi boot-jap-eul soo eob neun nae mam-eul a-ni
Mi an hae nun mool-ri heul-reo sarang hae-sseo neo-eui poom-eh seo

FINALLY na-reul ji weo beo ryeo
FINALLY jam si him deul geh ji man
FINALLY mo-du neo reul wi hae seo
Ni ggoom eh jeo-jeo beo rin gi eok hae jeul rae

Si-gan ee heul-reo da shi sarang hal su neun eet-get-ji man
Nae mam-ee (nae mam-ee) ah pa oh jan-ah

Neo ddaem-eh a-pa hae ee jen jeo yeop-eh no way
Neo ddaem-eh heul-rin nun mool moo chuk gi-peun ba da dweh
I'm sorry mine hwat gim eh baet-eo beo rin mal
Na neun jin jja ee gi jeok-in nam ja geot-eu-roh man kang han chuk

(Can't stop thinking about you)
Ddeo na bo nael ddaen eon jeh go (Can't stop)
(Can't stop thinking about you)
Beol-sseo ni saeng gak eul (Can't stop)
Woo rin So cool ha geh heh eo jyeot ji man
Nae meo ri suk-eh ah jik do ni ga sal-ah soom-syeo

(Ma babe)
FINALLY meol-eo ji ji man da shi boot-jap-eul soo eob neun nae mam-eul a-ni
Mi an hae nun mool-ri heul-reo sarang hae-sseo neo-eui poom-eh seo (sarang hae-sseo)

FINALLY na-reul ji weo beo ryeo (na ji weo beo ryeo)
FINALLY jam si him deul geh ji man (oh ~ yeah)
FINALLY mo-du neo reul wi hae seo
Ni ggoom eh jeo-jeo beo rin gi eok hae jeul rae

Brave Sound


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