Jung Yonghwa might require surgery for vocal cord polyps
Written @ 5:39 PM Thursday, May 27, 2010

Having been hospitalized yesterday for his vocal cord polyps and fatigue, it was revealed that CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa might require surgery to resolve his condition.According to a FNC representative on the 25th, Jung Yonghwa was diagnosed to have developed vocal cord polyps and acute laryngitis yesterday upon admittance for treatment. Although he can cure his acute laryngitis with medication, he would have to undergo surgery for his vocal cord polyps condition to restore his normal voice. But it was noted that nothing has been decided yet, and a decision would be taken after more scans and futher observation.With no confirmed discharge date, CNBlue’s schedule for the week are likely to be canceled and future schedules would depend on Yonghwa’s recovery.CNBlue had only just returned with their new album, Blue Love last week and had completed successful back-to-back comeback performances

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